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App relaunch

App relaunch — App relaunch — App relaunch — 

With new features and a fresh new look, Lufthansa recently relaunched its app. To promote the redesign and increase visibility, we created content and a compelling Instagram challenge, asking the community to share their favorite travel companions: "The Lufthansa app is our favorite travel companion - who's yours?"

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Oscar bravo production munich flo
01About the project

The campaign kicked off with the exciting launch of the enhanced Lufthansa app, positioned as a true travel companion. We continued the celebration by launching an Instagram challenge, inviting the community to participate and comment for a chance to win travel items from the Lufthansa World Shop.

We engaged directly with our audience through the Lufthansa Instagram account. Over a seven-day period, we presented Lufthansa crew, employees, and their travel companions, including the Lufthansa app, in the form of 3D GIFs.

The goal of this campaign was to encourage active engagement and go beyond promoting the app. The initiative emphasizes the influence of social media challenges and community involvement, turning the Lufthansa App relaunch into a lively celebration of our diverse community.